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Our Tour to Gabin Jabba

“Travelling; It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” Ibn Battuta

Summer days are long and hot; if you work all day, you will become exhausted and tired. The same is the case with us (team Bircube), so we make a plan and decided to go for a tour to Gabin Jabba.

Gabin Jabba is located in the KP province of Pakistan and is one of the most attractive places for tourists. On Friday afternoon we started our journey to Gabin Jabba via the Swat motorway, in about an hour we made it to Chakdara.

View outside the hotel

It was a journey of joys, fun, laughs and gossip, on our way to Gabin Jabba we enjoy it a lot.

We make a stay at the restaurant and after dinner, we started our journey towards our destination, at last when we reached Lalkoo (Village near Gabin Jabba) it was about midnight, then we booked a room and spent the night there. It was the month of June and in Mardan, the temperature is too high but there at Gabin Jabba, the weather felt like it is the middle of Winter. On the next day, we saw the real beauty of nature, we were mesmerized by the beauty of Gabin Jabba. The sweet noise of waterfalls, the ravishing greenery of the hills, the clean breezes, and the simple way of living appeal to the five senses.

After breakfast, we started our journey towards Gabin Jabba it was not that far but the road was dangerous and consisted of several dangerous slopes, the slopes on our way and dangerous road makes the tour more memorable and adventurous.

We are amazed by the beauty of that place, it becomes even more joyful when some of our office colleagues ride the horse, we spend some time there, enjoying the greenery of the mountains, the freshness of the air, clear sky, sunny day with no heat and sweat.

After hiking some distance, we see the waterfall down at the bottom of the mountains and we decide to go there. We start going down the hill and after some time when we reached there it is enthralling, the scenery, mountains, trees and waterfalls all were alluring to the eyes. We spend and enjoy our time there eating some snacks and drinking cold drinks. We spend some time near the waterfall, the experience is amazing, we all are stunned by the beauty of that wonderful place, the water felt like it is coming straight from the melting snow. After enjoying some time down there we decide to return to our base, but we became fond of that place.

Team Bircube hiking at Gabin Jabba

On our way back we chose the wrong path for climbing up the hill. The path was full of dangerous rocks and the soil was a dump there, so there was less chance of climbing up and we were stuck there for some time, believe me, that was a very tough time for the whole team, no one became panic every one of our team members is cool and calm in this situation, then we decide to find another way. Thanks to Allah, after some time we find an easier way and we safely climbed that hill.

During the hiking, no one was discussing or sharing their feelings but when we return to the hotel every team member of Bircube was discussing the hiking and sharing their feelings and thoughts, but that day we all learn a very thoughtful lesson, that whatever the situation is just keep calm and do not panic because that can bring down the morale of the rest of the team. For the second night, we decided to go to Madyan (a city near Kalam), we spend the night there at a hotel and after doing breakfast alongside the beautiful Swat River we decided to go to Mingora for shopping and after that, we get back on the way to Mardan.

Team Bircube at Gabin Jabba

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