We solve daily life problems through technology


This is the 21st century and the World is advancing at a rate of knots in every field of life, but sideways with these progressions there comes a lot of health issues as well, especially for our elders.

Chronic diseases have critically impacted our societies and providing medication on time is compulsory. If those medicines are not provided on time the disease becomes severe.

But in this busy circle of life, who could provide medicines on time, this has become a big matter nowadays.

One of my friends told me that he has a disease “diabetes” and taking regular medicines on time is essential for him but sometimes due to his busy circle of life, he forgets to take medicines and later on it becomes very risky for him because of diabetes.

He then said that now his problem had been solved and now he has no problem of taking his medicines from a medical store on time. He told me about a service, based in Mardan named “Parwa”.

He told me that he had just provided his medicines prescription and details to them and they keep a record of his medicines and remind him 2 days before his medicines are consumed.

And after a reminder, they deliver his medicines on time with no cost of delivery mean the delivery of medicines are completely free. Later on, when I searched about the Parwa on Facebook: I came to know that this a service based in Mardan and their aim is the free delivery of medicines, you just need to provide prescription and details, and they will remind and will deliver free of cost medicines at your doorstep.

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