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Here is how you can download WhatsApp Status

A few days ago, I opened my WhatsApp and start watching the statuses of my friends, there was a very amusing and valuable video on one of my friend’s statuses. I watched that video, again and again, I wanted to show that video to my office colleagues as well.

As you all know, WhatsApp does not have the feature of saving status to your phone, so I searched for the App that should save the statuses from WhatsApp, unfortunately, I did not discover a worthy app for this purpose. I don’t know which way to turn.

So, on the very next day, I met my friend and I told him about the status saver problem, then he figures out an App for this purpose when I came home and downloaded that app it worked and it did resolve my Problem of status saving from WhatsApp. The name of that app is “Status Downloader for WhatsApp”.

Now, whenever I want to save status from WhatsApp I just simply go to the App and save the status to my phone. Now, why I’m speaking about this specific app is that it is free of cost and very modest to use.

Here is the thing, this app is very valuable for me and I’m suggesting you downlaod this app and solve the problem of status downloading or status saving to your phone.

Here are the features that are included in this App:




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Here is the link where you can downlaod the App:

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